Our Fundamental Commitments

Geostock is committed to continuous improvement in quality, health, safety and the environment (QHSE). These values unite our teams.

We work constantly to:

  • be a socially responsible employer with respect to our employees and stakeholders (local residents in the vicinity of operated sites, partners, institutions, shareholders);
  • guarantee the safety of our employees, wherever they work, as well as the safety of the service providers working on the sites and work sites we manage;
  • ensure the safety of the people in the vicinity of the sites we operate;
  • protect the environment by reducing our direct and indirect impacts;
  • guarantee the safety of the industrial installations operated and the works designed and developed by the Group;
  • comply with the regulations in the areas where we operate.

Geostock leads a QHSE policy and management system to achieve its ambitious objectives:

  • 0 work-related accidents;
  • 0 major industrial accidents;
  • 0 environmental damage.

The health and safety of women and men

The health and safety of women and men working for or with Geostock (employees, trainees, temporary workers, service providers) have been at the top of our priorities for many years. We implement a systematic approach to analyzing the risks associated with our activities, whether they take place in France or abroad, in partnership with the service providers working on our behalf and deploy preventive measures adapted accordingly.

Safety culture

As an operator of underground energy storage sites for third parties, we are duty bound to set the highest safety and reliability standards, guarantee the safety of the local community, staff, the surrounding natural environment and biodiversity, and the integrity of our clients’ facilities.

In France, the European SEVESO III directive, to which Geostock adheres, sets out a strict framework for the operation of underground energy storage facilities. Outside France, other regulations determine the management of major accident risks. With almost 60 years of operational experience, Geostock applies the strictest and most stringent safety standards.

Environmental commitment

For several years, Geostock has been committed to an ambitious approach to reducing its environmental impact in all areas of its business. This approach is part of the VINCI Group’s Environment 2030 plan, implemented through the Green Storage programme and based on three main themes:

  • Taking action to contain global warming;
  • Optimising resources through the circular economy;
  • Preserving natural environments and biodiversity.

The objective is to reduce Geostock‘s direct CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 and to reduce indirect emissions by acting on the entire value chain of the company’s businesses. This effort is reflected in particular in discussions and actions aimed at reducing vehicle use by employees and overall electricity consumption. These considerations also include emissions related to products designed through construction and operation (Scope 3 of the Carbon Disclosure Project and ISO 14064) as well as indirect emissions generated by employee travel.


Geostock systematically applies a Quality Management System in accordance with the internationally recognised ISO 9001 standard.
This system drives continuous improvement in performance, efficiency and the achievement of environmental and economic goals, in particular through better risk control and management.

The implementation of this system implies the respect of our fundamental principles:

  • The guaranteed safety of workers and property
  • Environmental respect
  • The development of our employees
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Technical excellence and professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Synergy between engineering and operational activities

With this quality, we satisfy our clients’ requirements through the involvement of all Geostock staff, each of whom is a part of this continuous improvement process.

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