Boasting decades of experience in the design and operation of underground storage worldwide, Geostock is a unique consulting company able to provide high value-added insight into the technical and economic feasibility of underground storage projects very early on.

Geostock offers a full range of services by harnessing its in-depth technical knowledge, exposure to a wide range of situations, feedback from operators, a network of subsidiaries on four continents, the monitoring of most of its projects over 30, 40 or 50 years, and involvement in the life cycle of projects, from the initial stage through to closure in some cases. The company supports its clients in each phase of their underground storage projects.

Prospective and strategic studies

Geostock pinpoints the economic and financial characteristics of a hydrocarbon or carbon-free energy distribution market at different levels. Based on this market vision, it devises strategies for sizing and implementing underground storage facilities, factoring in the number of storage units, storage capacities, flow rates, operating flexibility, availability rates, and changes over time.

Geological orientation studies

Drawing on public data, Geostock provides preliminary opinions on possible underground storage solutions by region, country or a more specific geographical area identified by the client. These orientation studies provide rapid, qualified and accessible answers, even to non-specialists.


Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies: at the nexus of consulting and design, pre-projects are crucial stages in the life cycle of underground storage projects. Geostock provides initial designs, economic assessments and risk assessments. Geostock‘s databases and feedback are essential to building robust initial solutions. The successful completion of these early project stages is vital to choosing the right options.

Decision-making support

At all stages of a project’s life cycle, from the early set-up phases to the final investment decision, construction, commissioning, operation or closure, Geostock provides decision-making support services on the technical and regulatory framework, contractual strategies, the organisation of operations, and pricing, among others.

Site audit

Geostock places its experience as an operator at the disposal of its clients to audit operational sites. All operational aspects can be assessed and recommended, from highly technical aspects to regulatory and environmental aspects, such as carbon footprint and biodiversity protection.

Due diligence

Geostock‘s experts carry out asset valuations, generally within tight deadlines, by visiting the asset owner or the potential buyer of the asset. Increasingly, data is reviewed remotely via a virtual data room. The service extends to assistance in asset disposals, in which case Geostock is able to organise the presentation of its data or help to answer questions from potential buyers.

Cost studies

Geostock‘s engineers conduct investment and operating cost studies with varying degrees of accuracy, using databases that are updated consistent with new projects and consultations. For the most elaborate investment cost studies, our engineers use standardised methodologies such as those recommended by the AACEI.

Profitability studies

Drawing on its experience as a storage operator and manager, Geostock provides its clients with pricing studies to determine the profitability of storage and the assessment of the return on investment. Geostock can devise pricing schemes adapted to the multi-user operation of a storage facility, as well as calculate a discounted cost of storage as part of the levelized cost of storage (LCOS), an indicator used widely in the renewable energy sector to compare energy storage solutions.

Environmental studies

Geostock provides clients with environmental studies, conducted in part by an integrated team and in part by long-standing subcontractors, for the most advanced studies. Encompassing carbon footprint reports, environmental impact assessments, the implementation of avoid-reduce-offset strategies and the ENVID (ENVironmental aspects IDentification) study, this new Geostock offer is one of the strong points of the Green Storage Program.

Consulting is part of Geostock‘s history. The long-standing relations forged between Geostock and its clients can undoubtedly be attributed to the company’s involvement in underground storage projects from a very early stage combined with the technical excellence it contributes to project owners.

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Geostock provides a complete range of services covering the entire life cycle of an underground storage project.

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