Our R&D programme

Geostock has a genuine innovation culture that resulted in numerous patents and contributions to the establishment of technical standards in the field of underground storage over the years.

Today, our teams continue to constantly improve existing technologies and to develop new ones. Climate change is prompting us to develop more sustainable and environmentally friendly storage solutions.

Our research and development programme is based on four major areas.


Digital technology is central to our development. Geostock is optimising its internal processes as well as the interaction between our clients and our data through powerful digital tools. Harnessing and tracking this data is becoming vital to better monitor the integrity of an entire storage site. This is why we have developed our web based “Well Integrity Management System” (WIMS) to guarantee the integrity of well barriers throughout operation.

We are also working in partnership with suppliers of sensors to improve the real-time monitoring of underground storage sites. The aim is to accompany our clients towards tomorrow’s Industry 4.0.

The environment

Geostock is fully involved in the energy transition and working to positively transform the world of underground storage. The company’s R&D teams are committed to making this transition as efficient as possible. The possibilities of storing various types of carbon-free energy are reviewed at the R&D stage before being offered to our clients.

We are also seeking to reduce the environmental impact of more conventional storage. Innovative solutions are sought internally or with external partners. In the construction phase, we propose the use of materials that emit less CO2 but have the same quality. In addition, our methodology and designs are being completely reviewed to ensure that our storage solutions are compatible with our environmental target. Our goal is to build and operate zero-carbon storage.

New services

Our roadmap also extends to new services expected by our clients. For example, in response to the growing need to work remotely, Geostock offers the use of cameras integrated into work site helmets. These can be used to perform remote inspections and call in a Geostock expert from any site around the world. This solution increases our responsiveness to any given problem and also shrinks the carbon footprint of the project by limiting travel.

At the same time, we are promoting knowledge sharing, in particular through an e-learning platform that allows to acquire the skills required to understand the design and operation of an underground storage facility. We have also developed a simulator to train operators on the management of a mined cavern. Find out more about the next training session at our Contact page.

Improving our tools

To maintain our excellence, we constantly upgrade our tools and know-how, enabling Geostock to expand its expertise.

For example, Geostock has developed a solution to eliminate micro-organisms in caverns. The company has set up a testing protocol with partner laboratories to recommend the use of a biocide according to the context and the environment.

We are also working to integrate a probabilistic approach into our geological and reservoir modelling. This consists in taking into account uncertainties in our workflows to present predictions with different probabilities.

Past R&D work

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