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The underground energy storage specialist :
consulting, engineering, construction, operations

Our company 

Created close to 60 years ago from the need to secure France’s hydrocarbon reserves, Geostock has over the years become a world reference in underground energy storage.
Driven by the requirement to ensure a continuous and controlled supply of energy and being convinced that the earth is the most suitable storage space, Geostock has acquired advanced expertise in all underground storage techniques (salt and mined caverns, or porous reservoirs) and unique know-how in the construction of safe, economical and environmentally friendly infrastructures.
Working in the fields of consulting, engineering, construction and operation, Geostock‘s 500 experts thus support their customers in all phases of the life of an underground storage facility and thus contributes to the security of energy supplies.

Our ambition

To be a world reference in underground storage infrastructures, recognised for our high level of expertise and commitment to the environment. Contribute to the energy transition throught the implementation of an ambitious transformation plan, Green Storage, promoting low-carbon energies underground storage and CO2 emissions reduction and storage.

The synergy of our services

The global vision of all the steps necessary for the construction and operation of storage allows Geostock to initiate and maintain a process of continuous improvement of its services, with feedback from operation teams to engineering teams. Thanks to these synergies, Geostock provides an appropriate response to the problems of its customers during the whole life of a storage.

Our value system

Culture of trust

We place active listening, proximity, quality exchanges, and reactivity at the center of our customer and employee relationships.

Sense of excellence

We seek and demand the best, most reliable, safest and most efficient design of underground storage infrastructures.

Passion for the job

We share a deep attachment to give purpose to each of our actions and carry out our missions with the highest regard to serving the general interest.

The art of engineering

We are underground storage experts committed to a rigorous scientific approach, in order to provide long-lasting and efficient services.

Come tell us about your project

Geostock provides a complete range of services covering the entire life cycle of an underground storage project.

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Cavité minée – Mined Roeck Cavern
Control room of operated site
Shalapa site operated by Geostock