Our Green Storage program

Geostock has embarked on an extensive transformation programme to reduce its own carbon footprint and bring its clients innovative solutions to meet their environmental goals and support them in the energy transition.

The Green Storage program comprises three main components:

Green Storage – Our Commitment

An internal plan to reduce our own environmental footprint. It includes the implementation of an eco-responsible approach and actions to reduce our CO2 emissions and to improve our waste management. In addition, we have developed a policy to raise employee awareness and train them on new environmental issues (carbon assessments and ecological engineering) and new energies.

Green Storage – Sustainable Solutions

A programme to support our clients in implementing measures to reduce the environmental footprint of underground storage infrastructures. It includes the implementation of systems to reduce energy consumption, preserve biodiversity and improve waste recovery.

Green Storage – Net-Zero Solutions

Accelerated development of underground storage solutions for carbon-free energies, such as hydrogen and compressed air, necessary to meet the carbon neutrality objectives set by the Paris Agreements. These Net Zero solutions find their application in salt and mined caverns, in aquifers and depleted fields, and are also suitable for the geological storage of CO2.

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Geostock provides a complete range of services covering the entire life cycle of an underground storage project.

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