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Tami Chellat has just finished her two-year work-study program at Geostock. Here’s a look back at her first professional experience, marked by versatility.

1 / Tami, you have just completed your two-year Master’s in Corporate and Organizational Communication, splitting your time between your school and Geostock, which hosted you for your work-study program. Can you give us an overview of the types of missions you were assigned?

Indeed, I spent my two years of work-study in the communications department at Geostock. The tasks assigned to me and the projects I worked on were very diverse. And that’s putting it mildly: the experience was truly 360°! I really had the opportunity to do a lot of different things: from content creation, organizing an international event, writing news for the intranet, to managing a newsletter. I also played an active role in creating the new intranet on SharePoint. But the most recurring task was undoubtedly managing social media. This involved numerous dedicated editorial meetings, maintaining a reverse schedule, reporting on KPIs [Key Performance Indicators], brainstorming sessions, graphic creation, videos, unique ideas, travel, all with my team, as well as with external agencies or service providers. During these two years, I observed how today’s communication demands versatility, in terms of skill sets and also in terms of communication strategies.

2. You mentioned your involvement in setting up the new intranet at Geostock. What was your role in the creation and management of this tool?

Indeed, my involvement in this project was particularly significant. In fact, I was really given responsibility in this area. Initially, I was involved in the overall structure, as well as the interface, design, and even the user experience (UX). Once the tool was implemented, it needed to be populated and kept active. This involved collecting information from colleagues through regular interactions with several of them, who are most of the time far away from Rueil, to be able to publish news on a regular basis. In fact, this mission, which appeared very early in my work-study program, allowed me to develop my knowledge of the company and perfect my acculturation. And this proved to be very useful later on.

3. How did you contribute to Geostock’s digital strategy, particularly on LinkedIn?

Yes, LinkedIn today serves as a central communication medium for the digital communication of a company like Geostock. With the support of an agency, we defined the digital strategy, KPIs [Key Performance Indicators], editorial line, as well as the publication schedule and reporting dashboard. I contributed to populating this social network in parallel with the intranet. The aim was to improve Geostock’s online presence and visibility, which is very rewarding because it shows that a good strategy and sustained effort can achieve, and even exceed, this objective.

4. Can you tell us more about your involvement in organizing the final Hystories conference (a European research project on hydrogen) at the Mines de Paris?

I had the opportunity to contribute to the organization of this significant international scientific event. My main role was to manage the invitations of the participants, ensuring their optimal reception. Moreover, I was responsible for coordinating the event’s suppliers, thereby guaranteeing the smooth running of all logistical aspects. Working closely with a dedicated team, I contributed to creating an environment conducive to exchange and discussion for researchers and professionals in the hydrogen sector.

5. The engineering and industrial sectors are very technical and constantly evolving. As a support function, did you find it easy to find your place there?

Initially, there’s a fear of not being up to par. Geostock’s activities, being a world leader in its field, are very specialized. So, naturally, you find yourself interacting with high-level engineers on very technical subjects. But, beyond the stereotypes, I managed to find my place quite quickly. This is due to the very familial atmosphere at Geostock, the kindness I encountered among my colleagues, and the successes achieved in communication. This gives self-confidence and the desire to continually learn.

6. What are your future plans and how will the skills acquired at Geostock help you in your career?

I have learned a lot at Geostock, which is a great asset in my current search for a new position as a communications officer. Of course, I’ve learned in terms of methods and managing communication tools. But that’s not all, because it’s also a profession that pushes you to develop a strong ability to adapt to technical environments, high-level interlocutors, different logics, such as employer branding, and a world of communication that is constantly changing.


Thank you, Tami, for this discussion.



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